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  Chapter 1: POTENTIAL OF BIOSORPTION   5  -  12 572 kb   US $ 30.00
  Chapter 2: BIOSORPTION R&D 13  -  34 1.43 Mb   US $ 30.00
  Chapter 3: THE MECHANISM OF METAL BIOSORPTION 35  -  58 880 kb   US $ 30.00


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  Chapter 5: SORPTION BY BIOMASS  81 - 102 1.41 Mb   US $ 30.00
  Chapter 6: EQUILIBRIUM BioSORPTION PERFORMANCE 103 - 178 2.42 Mb   US $ 43.00
  Chapter 7: BioSORPTION PROCESS PRINCIPLES 179 - 190 548 kb   US $ 30.00
  Chapter 8: MODELING OF COLUMN PERFORMANCE 191 - 232 1.35 Mb   US $ 30.00
  Chapter 9: BIOSORBENT MATERIAL PREPARATION 233 - 254 860 kb   US $ 30.00
  Chapter 10: MONOCLONAL ANTIBODIES BIOSORPTION 255 - 273 752 kb   US $ 30.00
  FREE   Chapter 11: BIOSORPTION PUBLICATIONS  (FREE) 275 - 277 228 kb   US $  0.00
  Chapter 12: APPENDICES - Computer Programs 279 - 299 208 kb   US $ 30.00


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More than 2,800 full reference citations are available in this database
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After the wordprocessing program, EndNote program with our reference library is the most useful piece of software you can have when writing papers, theses and reports - as well as for downloading more references from databases.

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The choice of exact topics can be negotiated (please consult the book topics) depending on the interest of the audience.  Please view an announcement example for an earlier intensive Workshop with the topics covered (Mexico)

The presentations can have emphasis on chemistry, biology or process engineering including the contemporary computer simulation techniques used for sorption processes.  We explain and bring you the power of FEMLAB sorption simulation program - it can do even more for you.

We collaborate on arrangements for funding the event(s) providing a grant application outline for interested groups. See the details (click) - do not hesitate and be dynamic ...

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