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This book summarizes the key information that has been accumulated over the past two decades of biosorption research.  The sorption operation is capable of removing and isolating specific chemical species from solution and as such it provides a basis for very effective technological applications.  Methodologies developed and established for examining conventional sorption processes can be used to study and develop biosorption – and vice versa.  From this point of view, this whole book can be considered to be a one large case study focusing on heavy metal biosorption. 

It is particularly the ‘quantitative’ nature of the engineering profession that can make a significant contribution in developing biosorption to its full application potential.  However, those engineers need to learn a great deal about chemistry – and biochemistry, and some (micro)biology too.  Just as, at the same time, biologists should not get away without understanding (and solving) differential equations.  This book reflects the multidisciplinary aspects and challenges in the field of (bio-)sorption.  Its text flows from the more descriptive parts into very quantitative and maybe more difficult chapters.  While the initial discussions focus on the biomass and its features, the latter chapters summarize aspects of mathematical modeling and computer sorption process simulation which represents the stepping stone toward sorption process optimization. 

And – is that not the ultimate goal ?

This book is not a recipe to do things.  It is an overview of the field and it is the summary of two decades of experience in studying biosorption.  It is hoped that the book will be a handy reference and conceptual guide for what could be done in biosorption – or sorption.  For independent work it is necessary to study details of procedures in the literature cited throughout the text and summarized at the end of each section.  At the end of the book is also a complete list of all publications produced by the McGill University research group.  Supporting bibliography on biosorption (more than 2300 publications) exists in a digital form and it can be obtained as an electronic file that can be e-mailed to you.  (The software required :   “EndNote” by ISI ResearchSoft, California).

A multitude of color slides supplements the text, highlighting and illustrating the main points.  With a tongue in cheek, the book has been dubbed the “biosorption comics”.  The slides are all available (some are animated) and can be ordered separately, for teaching and presentations in sets according to the book chapters.

The book has been published and is distributed privately to keep its price affordable.

BOOK CONTENTS - brief                        Consult the Book CONTENTS to see detail description of Chapters                                  

  Preface - About the Author - Contents  Chapter 7   Biosorption Process Principles
 Introduction   Sorption and Biosorption Share the Methodology  Chapter 8   Modeling Sorption Column Performance
  Chapter 1   Potential of Biosorption  Chapter 9   Biosorption Material Preparation
  Chapter 2   Biosorption R&D  Chapter 10   Monoclonal Antibodies Biosorption
  Chapter 3   The Mechanism of Metal Biosorption  Chapter 11   Biosorption Publications - McGill University Research
  Chapter 4   Metals in Biosorption  Chapter 12   Appendices - Computer Program Listings
  Chapter 5   Sorption by Biomass  Chapter 13   List of Figures and Tables
  Chapter 6   Equilibrium Biosorption Performance  Chapter 14   Index


This book has developed from more than twenty years of research work in biosorption.  In conjunction with metal uptake, biosorption has been studied from different angles of several natural science disciplines only to be taken over by the engineers who recognized in it the reflection of a familiar sorption operation, offering an opportunity of useful and novel process applications.  This is where sorption and biosorption merge and a former natural curiosity can perhaps yield some real-life benefits. 

This book attempts to provide a summation, an umbrella, over a number of different aspects of biosorption which all rest on the same foundation. 

I could not have assumed the task of putting it all together if it were not for an inspired group of my research students and co-workers putting gradually the biosorption puzzle together in our laboratories at McGill University.  They provided me with continuous inspiration as I endeavoured to emulate their enthusiasm and challenged them with ever more complex tasks. 

Some of them directly or indirectly contributed to the sections of this book which are based on their work and summarize results of their research results and experience.  I am particularly indebted to those whose brilliant PhD theses provided material in some of the Chapters here, namely Jinbai Yang (Sections 6.4, 6.5 and 8.4), David Kratochvil (Sections 8.2 and 8.3) and Silke Schiewer (Section 6.3).  Catherine Niu’s and Marianne Figueira’s PhD theses are also reflected in Sections 8.1 and 6.2, respectively. 

References to a recently completed PhD work of Thomas A. Davis reflect the elucidation of Sargassum seaweed structures active in biosorption.Thomas A. Davis reflect the elucidation of Sargassum seaweed structures active in biosorption.

It is impossible here to register individually my indebtedness to all the members of my research group over the years for their contribution but they all know who they are and I just want them to also know how much I have enjoyed and appreciated the privilege of collaborating with them. 

Finally, I am immeasurably indebted to my family for putting up with me during the writing labor.  My son Martin kept the computers humming, my daughter Monika understood, and my wife Zuzana kept me sane and fed.

In producing this book I, as customary, attacked a much bigger task than anticipated.  In an attempt to keep the production and distribution costs low and in order to make our experience available to our colleagues and students around the world, the book is self-produced, self-published and self-distributed.  An order tall enough indeed.  I know that it is not perfect.  But then, perfection is the privilege of gods.  Eventually, I had to declare this production finished and it is out.  Now, I would know how to do it all better.  I only hope that not only those active in biosorption research but also those involved in advancing the frontiers of sorption operations in general might find some assitance in their efforts in this treatise of many faces.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR                                                                                                                                               

Bohumil Volesky is a Professor of Chemical Engineering at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, active in areas of Biochemical Engineering and Industrial Water Pollution Control. He has authored or coauthored close to 200 papers on biochemical process engineering, and presented many invited lectures at international scientific meetings and seminars or workshops around the world. He has provided consulting services to numerous organizations and founded BV Sorbex, Inc.
Dr. Volesky obtained his basic training at the Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic. Following several years of industrial research and experience, he earned his Ph.D. in Biochemical Engineering at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario, Canada.
Dr. Volesky's research interests are reflected in his earlier books on "Biosorption of Heavy Metals" (1990, CRC Press, Boca Raton, Florida) that he edited, and in a co-authored volume on "Modeling and Optimization of Fermentation Processes" (1992, Elsevier Science Publishers, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

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